Hot Links and Hotlinks

It's finals week, so you know what that means...me not having any finals to study for and being bored while all my friends slave over books and notes. In an attempt to kill time I thought I'd browse around my favorite blogs and check out what they have to offer. I may be doing a little 'hotlinking' but I'll give credit where credit is due.

If you've got as much free time as I do, head over to DoCopenhagen to watch the 'Top Music Videos of '06.

Apartment 41 has a few new live Radiohead tracks (and a video too!):
Radiohead - "Videotape"
Radiohead - "Down is the New Up"

So Much Silence has a great Q-Tip mix (side A, side B) and Tuning has some interesting news.

Rewriteable Content has some Jeff Buckley demos and rarities:
Jeff Buckley - "I Want Someone Badly (w/ Shudder to Think)"

Supposedly here you can stream some new Bloc Party tracks, but it's not working on my Firefox. Check it out (browser permitting).

That's about it. I'm getting the feeling I should muster up a 'Best of' list ASAP.