*Uffie and Video Games

I hardly browse around the blogs anymore, for fear that I'll become unoriginal with my postings and just steal from others, sort of joining in that trickle down effect in the blog community. Thankfully, I think that trend has sort of worn down, and people have stopped worshipping "bigger" blogs like Gorilla vs. Bear, etc. During my brief browsing I came across another white British female 'MC' that goes by the name of Uffie. Quite the name eh? Well her music's decent, and is an outlet from the Lady Sovereign obsession. Plus, she's a looker. Here goes:

Uffie - "Hot Chick in Charge"

Also, I got a call from Microsoft asking me to test out a game this Thursday. I agreed thinking this week was my Thanksgiving break. If I drive over an hour North I will be able to test an unreleased game and recieve a free video game of my choice. Great right? Well, during this time I have also been asked to stand outside for 24+ hours with my roommate to get the new Playstation 3. I assume it's so we can switch off saving a spot and get some sleep and warmth in our car. So why bear the cold? He's paying me to stand with him. More than a free game is worth. So I've been caught in a dilemna...mostly because I hate the cold. But I've really got no money for gas to drive up to Microsoft, and Microsoft has made a habit of calling me quite frequently about game testing. I'm just not sure because this is the first 'testing' session I actually qualified for (they give you a survey on what games you play and how many hours of each). So yes, boys will be boys, and love their video games. There's wars going on, and AIDS, and everything else, and here I am, caught in the crossfire of video games.

The Spinto Band - "Japan is an Island (Playing Atari)"