*New Modest Mouse...Live

Modest Mouse is up and touring with ex-Smith's guitarist Johnny Marr and I've got some bootlegs from their November 6th show. This is all the new stuff they've played. You can also go here if you want to download the rest of the concert. Enjoy!

Modest Mouse - "Fire it Up (11/6/06)"
Modest Mouse - "Invisible in Your Car (11/6/06)"
*Sounds the most like classic MM
Modest Mouse - "Missed the Boat (11/6/06)"
Modest Mouse - "We've Got Everything (11/6/06)"
Modest Mouse - "Dashboard (11/6/06)"
Modest Mouse - "People We Know (11/6/06)"

*NOTE: The bootleg quality is crap, but c'mon, it's definitely better than nothing.