*Damien Rice

Not to be/feel cocky, but "Elephant" is way up on the Hype-Machine charts, and I feel pretty good about that, considering I may have been the first to put it up for grabs! But alas, I will still be in shadow of many, many other blogs. One Blogger doesn't understand why songs floating around are from "The 9 Sampler" instead of the album "9". Maybe because I uploaded it from a...Bingo...a promotional sampler of the 9 album.

Also, One reader of mine suggested I use Sendspace to upload links, so I'm gonna try that now and see how it works. I've picked up a "9 Lives" b-side:

Damien Rice - "Rat Within the Grain"

and Sendspace links for:
Damien Rice - "Elephant"
Damien Rice - "Me My Yoke and I"

Hopefully this'll keep 'em up for another week or so. Maybe I should make a "Help DHH Get An EzArchive" Paypal. Who knows.



alexander said...

i believe you misunderstood the post you linked to. there was no questioning why "9" was being referred to as the 9 sampler at all. we had obtained and heard the entire sampler, as you may have, and were simply noting that the tracks are affectionately being said to come from the lovely three track promo as opposed to the full disc because, you know, things do change before final copies actually get released. no need to get all condescending about it now right?

thanks for the link nonetheless. and you know, ezarchive isn't all that expensive. they're upgrading their systems soon too so you might want to look into that at some point so you can handle more traffic.

Anonymous said...

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