*The Cloud Room

I recently fell in love with the band The Cloud Room. More specifically their 2005 self titled debut. In my opinion The Cloud Room LP is a cocktail of influences very well displayed and performed. It's just one of those albums where you listen to it and say to yourself, "haven't I heard this before?"...but mean it in a good way. The Cloud Room are able to harness their influences, pump them out into their own style, and package them as an appealing indie genre. The first track Hey Now Now is so Bowie, he could put it out as a "rare and unreleased" Aladdin Sane b-side and no one would be the wiser . The next track Waterfall, the first song of theirs that caught my ear, is nothing less than the love child of Bono and Interpol. The ever-present bass guitar parralel's that of The Killers, and the drums hint at the Strokes...but better. There's also some New Order and Echo thrown about here and there. So all and all you've got a nice little potpourri of pretty street-cred name drops.

The Cloud Room - "Hey Now Now"
The Cloud Room - "Waterfall"
The Cloud Room - "Beautiful Mess"