*Built to Spill

So, Built to Spill, one of my personal favorites, has got their new, long-awaited album You In Reverse coming out Aprill 11th. It's their first album in 5 years. 5 YEARS! Not including the folky solo album Martsch did in 2002, called Now You Know, which would've been more appropriately titled "Bet Ya Didn't Know This One's S'pose To Tie You Over For Four More Years". Regardless, Built to Spill are amazing instrumentalists, able to pack in the pricelessness, power, originality, and the spontaneousness of a jam session, into a studio album. I've got the entire album uploaded for you to download, but there's a catch. It's a promo version, and because of that, someone decided to throw in the sample "Whose Mike Jones?!" throughout the entire album, I kid you not. I promise, I sure as hell had nothing to do with that. It's not enough where it's terribly annoying, but it's enough where you can't just burn it for someone and pretend it isn't on there. The sampling's not enough to ruin it, just enough to make you a little pissed you can't have the entirely MJ-free version. That's probably the point of whomever did this. Regardless of MJ, it's still the entire album, with a few subtle interruptions here and there. Still worth the listen, once you've had your fair warning. Check it out:

Built to Spill - You in Reverse


mike said...

hey buddy... i noticed you got a nice blog going here.. i will add you to my (www.pondracket.com) blog list.. if you return the favor??

Kelly & Jose said...

thanks for the heads up on the new built to spill.will let you know what i think when i listen to it.just got around to downloading it this morning.