*Beth Orton

I'm pretty surprised the blog community hasn't just gone hogwild over this girl yet. On Feb 7th Beth Orton released her 4th full length album Comfort of Strangers, recieving rave reviews and being labeled the next Joni Mitchell. She reminds of the music I was raised on. The music that poured from the tape decks of long family car trips. Carole King and Carly Simon come to mind. This album culminates years of roadtrips and memories and brings them right back, as if they were something I had heard years ago. Plus, it's hard not to be a sucker for a guitar pickin' girl.

Beth Orton - "Worms"
- An album opener in the key of Fiona Apple...but...better(?)

Beth Orton - "Comfort of Strangers"
- The title track which parallel's that of past greats.

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