*Jose Gonzalez/The Knife

I fell in love with Jose Gonzalez's 2005 release Veneer without the knowledge that one of the better tracks on there was in fact a cover. The song: "Heartbeats" The original band: The Knife. Both versions are a damn good listen. The Knife's upbeat copy sounds as though it deserves to be sandwiched in between Madonna and Cindy Lauper on a Best of the 80's: Pop Hits compilation. Gonzalez's is stripped down, acoustic, and down to earth. I'm still indecisive as to which version I like better.

The Knife - "Heartbeats"
Jose Gonzalez - "Heartbeats"


Melissa said...

the knife's entire album "deep cuts" is simply amazing. they are one of my favorite groups. go swedes!

Guitar Master said...

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Anonymous said...

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