*Bosque Brown

So, I was browsing Gorilla vs. Bear and came across this golden voiced gem. Her name, Mara Lee Miller. The band, Bosque Brown (pronounced Boss-ski). She was originally discovered by Damien Jurado after a home recording of hers was given to him by her husband Ryan. Her first official release entitled Bosque Brown Plays Mara Lee Miller was recorded and released in 2005. David Bazan and TW Walsh (Pedro The Lion) are responsible for it's final mastering. Her latest album Cerro Verde is due out sometime this spring ( Burnt Toast Vinyl Records). Just an FYI, She'll also be playing this year's SXSW festival in Austin, TX in March. And oh yeah, for all you myspacers, she's got one of those too. Last but certainly not least, Gorilla vs. Bear has graced the internet with an entire bootleg of one of her more recent show (I was not involved in the recording/uploading of this show):

1) Silver and Gold
2) Fine Lines
3) Went Walking
4) Still Afraid
5) A House
6) Texas
7) Isreal
8) Red Roses
9) Hwy 377
10) No. 6
11) That Door
12) Fire Fight


jon the revelator said...

ok i came across yr "dick move" on aquarium drunkard and figured, fuck it, lets see what the kid has to say . . .
bosque brown makes it all ok, good stuff, good lookin out,
best of luck to ya.

Anonymous said...

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