*The Saddest Song Ever Sung Pt. 1

I was inspired by Gorilla Vs. Bear's post on the saddest songs ever written, and have been falling in love with my favorite band for the 50th time. I really wanted to make my own list, and came up with the idea just to post one song at a time and have some commentary on it. My first song:

Death Cab For Cutie - "Company Calls Epilogue"

Now, Death Cab For Cutie's been my favorite band for quite some time now, and I've thoroughly listened to all their albums too many times to count. Company Calls Epilogue had a certain element that was heartbreaking I had caught on to, but never really fully grasped until this summer. During the summer I worked a whoppin' 3 days a week allowing for a great deal of hang out time with a best friend. As the summer went on, I slowly pushed her bed time later and later, and during these prolonged hang-outs, many a Death Cab discussion was sparked, more specifically on CCE. I finally realized the entire meaning of the song, and was completely overwhelmed once it all sank it. I listened to it on the car ride home, as well as the days to follow. So much so, I got wrapped up a great deal in it, even getting a little depressed; Over one single song! I couldn't even fathom what is was like to be the person (Ben Gibbard) to be writing that. The experience. The emotion put into it. The entire song is littered with heartbreaking details ( ie: "the figures in plastic on your wedding cake that I took were so real) but let's take a look at the chorus:

"Crashing through the parlor doors
What was your first reaction?
Screaming, drunk, disorderly: I'll tell you mine
You were the one
But I can't spit it out when the date's been set
The white routine to be ingested inaccurately"

Essentially this man is so/still in love with a woman getting married, and he truly believes she's marrying the wrong man. He's both dressed up, looking classy for the occassion, but overly drunk (off 'free drinks') and...well...maybe not being classy at all. In the state that he's in he's both self concious of the brides reactions to his actions, and worried about getting his feelings out. Here's the killer: "You were the one, but I can't spit it out when the date's been set."

Listen to this song on repeat for a few days, and then see how cheery you feel. I dare you.