*On the Look Out
So I've been a little "blogged-out" lately. Just getting a little sick of the music blog culture, the competition, and the trendy obsessions. I don't care how cool you think Tapes n' Tapes, Birdmonster, or Band of Horses is. Combine that with seeing a few guys might "do time" for sharing advanced copies of a Ryan Adams album makes me weary. Plus, I've been bogged down with school and plans for the upcoming future. I thought I'd do both you and me a favor and sift through all the trend and murk of the music blogging world and salvage some good stuff. So here it is....Dance Hall Hips is ON THE LOOK OUT!:

GorillavsBear has a new Sleepy Jackson track.

Stereogum has Ray Lamontagne covering Gnarls Barkley

So Much Silence has a few new cuts from Swollen Members.

Everybody Cares has a new Damien Jurado song, as well as a 4 song set, featuring 2 Elliott Smith covers, from Rilo Kiley.

This is kind of old news but A Robot Cometh has a few tracks off Mogwai's Mr. Beast album. I've been meaning to make a post about Mogwai...I've just never gotten around to it.

There's a small handful of new Loose Fur tracks at Neile's Life.

Mocking Music's got a few great treats; a live Wolf Parade show on CBC....as well as a Bloc Party slam/freestyle by Mike Skinner aka The Streets.

LOLz at Zach has a post on Casiotone for the Painfully Alone being sucked into pop culture.

Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good posted 2 new Sounds mp3's.

rBally has a bunch of great stuff....easily my blog pick of...lately:
Wilco concert (part 1, part 2), Live Beck tracks, Robert Pollard doing GBV's "Game of Pricks", and Feist doing BSS's Major Label Debut.....and yes...I know Robert's in GBV and Feist's in BSS....so don't correct me.


heather said...

Hi Jon, Yes, sometimes I feel all blogged out like you do. I'll just think, WHY do I do this? Then I remember and I get out of my funk and I find something new that I am passionate about that I want to blog about and life is good again!

LOST - I love LOST. I thought last week was OK but also left something to be desired. The guy who plays the Other that they are holding hostage does such a good job of being creepy. I did think it was interesting to see the new dimension between Rose & her hubby and their relationship. Oooh, the island has healed again! Weird cosmic stuff goin on there, JJ! (I meant JJ Abrams, but I guess you are a JJ too - )

Anway, an interesting plot twist lately was the whole "is it all in hurley's mind?" thing. I will, of course, keep watching.

Anonymous said...

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